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Next Sunday, June 7th, will be our second Drive-In Service. Join us in the Lake Park parking lot at 11 am, or online via our live stream. 
There will be a short pause between the pre-recorded worship portion of our live stream and the live broadcast of the sermon. Please be patient for approx. 30 seconds to 1 minute while we make the change.
(applicable to June 7th service)
Faith @ Home Links
Follow this link to the My Family Season homepage for many other opportunities for activities as well as to be informed about life’s many circumstances.
Stuck@Home Parenting

In case you’re starting to go a little stir crazy as you try to balance Zoom calls for work, school lessons with the kids, and still finding time and energy to be intentional as a family, we have some tools for you!

We’d like to encourage you to utilize them to help drive faith home over the next few weeks. The best part is, these tools are all fully available anytime, anywhere, from any device for easy access by families stuck at home.

Simply click this link to connect with fun and easy ways to engage your children and teens at home with…

Parent/Teens Movie Chats, Mealtime Conversations, Bedtime Blessings, Family Time Activities

You’ll also find the sermon notes here to print, fill in the blanks and dig deeper into God’s Word.
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Thank you for taking the time to find out more about Lake Park Baptist Church. We hope as you check out our website and visit our weekend services that you will consider being a part of our community. We would love for you to call Lake Park church your home.

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