Dan & CarrollE

Danny & Carroll Birkland

Ministry Leaders 

Goals Of The Deacon and Deaconess Committee:

Our goals for this committee are to look after the spiritual, emotional and physical needs of those in need in our church family and community.
We want to convey the love of Christ in actions and deeds to show that you, as a member of this congregation really matter. We want to welcome new people into our midst and to encourage fellowship including all age levels. We want to be there for those who are going through hard times, such as illness or bereavement, to pray and to lend a hand wherever needed. We as a committee also want to celebrate the times of joy with you such as birthdays and anniversaries, births and new beginnings. 


Ministry Opportunities:

To try to achieve our goals, we could use anyone who desires to serve Christ in the following ways:


Each Sunday we want to have at least one couple in the foyer both before and after the service greeting people, especially newcomers. We need more people who are willing to serve in this way. 


To people in care homes, hospital, and whose who can’t get out much. There is always a need for people willing to serve in this way. 


We would like to have a list of people we can count on who would be willing to deliver flowers or fruit baskets on behalf of the church in times of illness or bereavement. 


We really would like to encourage fellowship and a sense of belonging. We can think of no better way of that happening than to have someone to your home that you have never had before. Please talk to us for if you need ideas in making this happen. 




We need couple who are willing to assist our Pastors on Communion Sunday in preparation, distribution, and clean up of the elements.